Dental Care for Your Toddler

Sources say that nearly half of all children have tooth decay before entering Kindergarten. While it may be tempting to think baby teeth are no big deal, they can in fact become so decayed that crowns or caps are needed. This is particularly true if the child is on the younger side of toodlerhood (i.e. […]

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6 Healthy Lunch Box Tips for Teens

High school cafeterias are notorious for offering food that is less than healthy. If your teen is getting sick of hamburgers and pizza for lunch during the week, it’s time to brown bag it. Here are five healthy tips that your teen can incorporate into their lunch box. 1. Encourage your teen to pack foods […]

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Ending Inappropriate Classroom Behavior Before It Gets Worse

When a child is having behavior problems at school, the earlier a workable solution is developed and implemented, the better.  When poorly handled or ignored, behavior problems can quickly escalate into a much bigger problem. The first step is meeting with your child’s teacher to fully understand what the behavior is all about.  Ask questions […]

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Get Your Kids Interested In Learning

For any parent, nothing is more exciting than seeing a child with a keen interest in learning more about the world. Most small children go through a period of curiosity and questioning, and you need to show your child that this is a very healthy way to live. When your child questions everything and takes […]

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