How to Stop the Cell Phone Wars

shutterstock 159126512 mini How to Stop the Cell Phone Wars

Most teenagers these days have cell phones. They’re either talking on them, texting their friends, or using the Internet. While you want them o stay in contact with friends, you also want them to stop spending so much time on their cell phones.

There are many good reasons why teens should cut down on their mobile device use. Ongoing research concerning cell phone usage has raised the question of whether cell phones are hazardous to your health.

One of the most popular hypotheses today about cell phones is that they cause brain damage. While this has never been proven, there are also studies that have indicated that spending too much time with a cell phone to your ear can disrupt your natural sleep pattern.

This report, conducted in Europe, states that over-usage can result in teenagers having problems falling asleep. The study also demonstrated that these same teens consistently woke up during the night. Teens who did’t use their cell phones as much didn’t have the same sleep problems. The same results were found with constant texting.

Another report conducted on teenagers links cell phones with anxiety. Many teens, especially the heavy cell phone users, leave their phone on all night. They want to be reachable 24/7. Unfortunately, the sound of a text message, e-mail, or phone call coming in can interrupt sleep. Experts recommend that teens leave their phones off at nighttime to help bring their sleep patterns back into line.

With various reports indicating the potential dangers of using cell phones to excess, consider changing your teenager’s phone plan so that they have limitations in terms of minutes, texts, and data that they can use. You can also authorize only certain telephone numbers and place other restrictions on their usage.

While the jury is still out on the risks that cell phones pose, follow your instincts in deciding if you feel like your child is on theirs too much. Explain to your teenager why you’re concerned and what you would like to change as a result. Setting firm boundaries while reminding your teen that you’re not taking their phone away from them completely will help for a smoother transition of less cell phone usage in your home.