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The Total Focus Program

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Feel Like a Broken Record?

Parents with ADHD kids often hear from the school over and over again that their child isn’t living up to their potential or that they’re distracting the whole class. They hear that their child doesn’t turn in their assignments and that their deskisalways messy. The teachers go on to say that they have 30 kids in the class and they can’t give one kid all that special attention. At home there is a lot of arguing, crying, defiance and name-calling. So when parents walk into Dr. Bob’s office they are at the end of their rope.

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A big change!

Review by: Walker Family

November 13, 2013

My kids are different kids. Especially my 10 year old. My Husband and I are better too. It’s so much nicer in our home. No more arguing, just more doing and more family time spent having fun. I never thought that something like this could help us. My son has ADHD, I thought that it would always be some kind of arguing over just about everything. Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t perfect, nothing is a 100% but this is as close as it gets. My son is happier. He knows that his behavior is his choice and the consequences are set, he doesn’t have to wonder or beg. It’s great. Thank You

Meet Dr. Robert Myers

robert myers head shot NEW for web Landing Page“Hi, I’m Dr. Bob. I’m a clinical psychologist with over 30 years’ experience and I created Total Focus to share the techniques I developed over many years working with kids with ADD & ADHD. The techniques I have included in Total Focus are the ones I have found to be the most successful in real life working with real kids and real parents.The key to changing your child’s behavior is not to stop the behavior that’s a problem but rather to learn new behavior and reinforce it so that it gradually takes over.

I’m also a father and my son has ADHD. I understand this condition and the challenges it asks of the child and the parent from a very personal perspective. I was motivated to develop a program that works because I needed something that would work for my child and my family.”

Dr Bob Myers is a Licensed Child and Adolescent Psychologist. He is Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine. Dr Myers has 30 years of clinical experience and specializes in developmental, behavioral and emotional disorders in children and adolescents. He earned his PhD from the University of Southern California.

What’s Inside?

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Immediate Help for Parents and Children

By using techniques of the total focus program parents see that change can happen in their child very quickly and that change can be very dramatic.

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“Over the years I’ve found that working with ADHD kids and parents has been the most rewarding aspect of my career as a child psychologist. Why? Because many times parents would come into see me feeling very desperate, thinking they had somehow messed up their kid, only to find out they had probably done everything they could do to help their child; They simply did not understand what they were dealing with.

Out of frustration they began to use one method after another. They would get a book read it then they would try the method for a week or so and give up. Thinking it didn’t work. The truth is you’re likely not seeing the same kinds of behavior in your child that you see in other children and you’re not seeing the same kinds of response to you and your discipline that you expect.”

Stop Bad Behavior Quickly and Heal Your Family Bonds

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It really helped!

Review by: John Doe

November 13, 2013

I am a parent of two and an educator for 20 years. Mangaement has always been my strong point working with my students, but at home I always felt lost. This program helps me at home with my teenagers. I’m so greatful for this program. I’m so proud of my new responses to certain behaviors

Immediate Help for Parents and Children

pic5 Landing Page“The world is quite different for ADHD kids than it is for you or I. They do something because it is there to be done. They don’t really thinkit through. If they paused and thought about it, they most likely would not do the bad behavior. ADD children behaveimpulsively, get in trouble, and then feel picked on. Let me share an example with you.

Imagine a classroom of children misbehaving while the teacher stepped out for a minute. Normal children would stop the bad behavior immediately upon seeing the teacher return, but ADHD kids will get caught because they have a hard time slowing down. Now they are the one in trouble for doing something all the other kids were doing too and they feel singled out, picked on and upset

The total focus program uses a step-by-step three-pronged approach to improving your child’s attention, concentration and self-control. Positive reinforcement is the basis for the behavior modification program that we use in total focus and I think you will be amazed at the success once you start implementing these techniques.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a psychologist to do this. It’s very simple, and besides, you have your own personal child psychologist, me, beside you the whole time.”

Changed my life!

Review by: RevDrMother

November 13, 2013

This is a program that all parents should have! I have certainly learned more effective methods of parenting, and wish that I had this program years ago. Parents will find that when they change, their children actually have the opportunity to change. Polish your approach to parenting and you will enjoy the journey!

The First Step is Behavior Modification

“In my experience, kids with ADHD respond better to positive reinforcement than negative reinforcement. In fact, they are so motivated by positive reinforcement that when they do receive it they will try harder. They tend to overreact to negative feedback and it can actually interfere with their ability to stay on task.”
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What can you expect to see in your child once you start using the behavioral modification system?

Thank you Total Focus

Review by: happyfam5

November 13, 2013

Wow we are only to the third lesson and already see a difference in our children! And they notice a difference in us! Our child is obeying better, Intersested in learning again and very loving! The program is helping with our parenting for all of our children not only the child we were intersted in buying the product for!

The Second Step Involves Relaxation and Biofeedback Techniques

These techniques teach kids to relax in situations where they become frustrated. When anybody is frustrated they will have difficulty concentrating, paying attention and thinking clearly. This is even more so for a child with ADHD.

What can you expect to see in your child once you start using the relaxation & biofeedback techniques?

A great help to a grandmother

Review by: Grandmother

November 13, 2013

I got the program because my grandson, who lives with me, just turned nine years old and I was beginning to have some behavioral problems with him. There was nothing terrible, but he had started to test his boundries. When I listened to and read the Total Focus program I could see that his current behavior was just the beginning. I felt like I didn’t get it right with his mom, and I want to get it right for him. The program started helping me immediately. I realized I had really not been strict enough and was allowing too much whining and negotiating, trying to keep him happy. I now see that is what I did with my daughter too. This is somewhat humbling for a Psychology major!

I started applying the very simple techniques that I learned and saw immediate results. He doesn’t argue and whine like he did, and obeys me much quicker. We have less drama on a daily basis!
I am going to continue applying what I have learned to my grandson and even to his mother who still whines and argues over everything! I hope that I can set a better example for my daughter to follow with her son, and her new baby girl.

Thank you for being so honest in a kind and sensible way. The program is excellent and I would readily recommend it to other parents.

The Third Step Is Called Brain Training

pic6 Landing PageChildren with ADHD often have difficulty with concentration and paying attention, along with task completion. They also have difficulty with memory sequencing (putting things in order) and categorizing, (putting things in groups) also makes it difficult for them to follow directions combining these two that have multiple steps. The brain training section of Total Focus will help your child in the following ways:

“Here’s the best part. You will feel like you have your child back and your child will feel like everyone around them has changed, not noticing the change is coming from within.”

Common Myths About ADD & ADHD Children

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Maybe you are experiencing these thoughts yourself. It’s natural that you get to the point frustration, trying to raise your child the best you can, thinking that your child is the same as any other kid on the block. That’s why I’m pleased to offer you a money back guarantee** on Total Focus.

In Total Focus, I give you the techniques I’ve used in my practice-and in my family–to help improve attention, concentration and self–control in children. Here’s a look:

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I’ll teach you and your child in one-on-one lessons that are fun, fast and easy. I encourage you to try Total Focus now. Don’t let inattention and hyperactivity keep your child from the success he deserves. I consider my son’s success in life my greatest achievement. I’d like to help your child.


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Dr. Robert Myers

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House full of Kids

Review by: CNeedham92

November 13, 2013

We are parents of 7 children, ranging from the ages of 21 to 4 years old. What made it even more difficult to parent these kids was the fact that we’re a mixed family…his, mine & ours. His sons resented me, my daughters resented him, and our kids just followed along with whomever seemed to be getting their way at the time.

After years of trying all kinds of “parental programs,’ we decided to go with Total Transformation because (1) James Lehman is a real kind of person…no sugarcoating or acting like he was better than any of us, and (2) a few of our friends had highly recommened it.
With in the 1st week of listening to the CDs, we started implementing what we were learning. There was ground rules…most importantly, that there is no excuse for abouse. My kids regularly threw blows & “wrestled”, which made me very unconmfortable because I came from an extremely physically abousive home. By the end of the first month that we had the program, there are very rarely any fights.

They’ve taken to talking things out with each other and have come to the understanding that they’re making a decision to deal with things, life responsibly. Even the 4 year old understands that if she chooses to not put away the shoes, she’s making the choice to lose playtime. We made one of the best decisions when we purchased Total Transformation for our family. I look forward to going home now, whereas I would dread having to go home just a month ago.