What Are the Habits of Highly Successful People?

shutterstock 185904113 mini What Are the Habits of Highly Successful People?

Have you ever wondered what highly successful people do that you don’t? Or perhaps you’re a successful person and curious as to how your personal habits and outlook have influenced your success.

Here are some of the habits of highly successful people.

Independence, Interdependence, and Dependence

Successful people tend to know the difference between these three concepts and recognize that interdependence is the key place to be. Too much independence can inhibit success because inevitably we need others to help us on our way. Excessive dependence prohibits success, too, but in a different way. Dependence means total reliance on others, which can rapidly turn you into a burden!

In contrast, interdependence is the healthy recognition that you need others to succeed – you need for people to buy your product or approve your work or give you some much-needed encouragement. But interdependence recognizes that you have an active role in your success. Interdependence is not passive.

Taking Action

Highly successful people tend to be proactive. They don’t spend all of their time coming up with ideas and forming personal ethics and principles and then stopping there. Being successful means getting something done, so eventually ideas and principles need to be put into action. Though successful people think through their goals first, they get beyond the thinking stage and move into the proactive realm.


Setting out to accomplish something without a goal in mind is not very conducive to success. As noted above, successful people think things through before taking action. Setting goals and working toward them piece by piece is a good start. It’s also important to make sure that your goals fit what you value personally. You may lose your motivation to succeed if you aren’t working toward something you value.


Successful people know how to prioritize. Living by the phrase “first things first” helps propel people toward success. There is, after all, an order in which things can be done most effectively and efficiently. Successful people recognize what’s really important and concentrate their energy there first.

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Understanding Others

Many people are slow to seek understanding and quick to blame others. Success depends, in part, on seeking to understand others before trying to get others to understand you. This is most likely because people appreciate being heard and understood and will be much more likely to help you in your efforts. Remember, there is no such thing as Success Island!