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How Dads Can Invest in School-Aged Kids

When it comes to school-aged kids, sometimes dads aren’t quite sure what activities to do with them. Other dads enjoy the gradeschool age more than the younger ages. Regardless of where you are on this, there are some key things to remember and consider if you want to really invest in your school-aged kids. Here […]

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Dads in School – Tips for Getting Involved in Your Child’s Education

It can seem like school involvement is the realm of the mom, which probably springs from the days when it was almost invariably the mom who was home during the day. Things are different now, though, and many moms work. Even moms who don’t work outside the home might like to see their kids’ dad […]

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Dads and Toddlers – Ideas for Games and Activities

Sometimes, dads need a little help in coming up with things they can do with their toddlers. But the time you spend bonding with your toddler can go a long way toward your relationship together. Here are some ideas for games and activities dads can do with their toddlers. Outdoors Toddlers have a natural love […]

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Top Tips for Dads – Getting Involved with Your Family

As dads, you might find that you need to make a deliberate effort to spend time with your family. If you don’t stay home with the kids during the week, then you might find that you are missing out. An engaged dad who participates with his family helps make a stronger family unit – according […]

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Teens and Their Dads

Does the thought of getting involved in your teen’s life scare you? As a dad, do you think that maybe you should just back off and let your teen child have his or her independence? It is generally true that teens are exploring their independence and may seem to shut you out, but research indicates […]

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Tips for Dads – Spending Time with Your Preteen

For many dads, spending time with a preteen is a bit of a challenge. Preteens have different “requirements,” so to speak, and different wants and needs than younger kids. Dads may feel like their preteen children are drifting away from them, but their emerging independence is actually a good thing. It doesn’t mean they don’t […]

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Connecting with Your Family – Ideas for Dads

You may do things with your kids and still not really feel connected to them…or maybe you are not sure how to interact with them. For some dads, sometimes a little help is needed to feel that connection. Here are some ideas. (more…)

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Fun Bonding Activities for Dads and Babies

It’s easy for dads to feel a bit left out as they watch Mom do so much of the baby care. If Mom is breastfeeding, dads may feel even more shut out. But it’s important for dads to bond with their infants, say experts, as this sets the stage for closer relations as the child […]

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Divorced Dads – How to Make the Most of Your Time

As a divorced dad, you may feel like you don’t get the time with your kids that married dads do. Or perhaps you are not sure how to make the most of the time you do have together. Or maybe you live with your children full-time, and between work and other responsibilities, you may not […]

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