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6 Healthy Lunch Box Tips for Teens

High school cafeterias are notorious for offering food that is less than healthy. If your teen is getting sick of hamburgers and pizza for lunch during the week, it’s time to brown bag it. Here are five healthy tips that your teen can incorporate into their lunch box. 1. Encourage your teen to pack foods […]

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Make Your Own Granola

    Granola, if done correctly, can be a healthy snack for any occasion. Granola is a crisp wholegrain cereal based on oats, but you can use other grains as well. It’s slightly sweetened with honey, sugar or maple syrup, usually contains nuts and dried fruit and is baked to crisp. There’s also an unbaked, […]

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Supplements in Toddlers

Parents hope they’re doing the best things for their children. This is true from the day the child is born until they grow up and move out of their parents’ home. One topic parents may feel unsure about concerns the use of supplements in toddlers. They want to make certain their child is getting the […]

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