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Teens: Smart Ways of Organizing your Study Time for Maximum Efforts

Many teens, like many adults, don’t understand about time management. They struggle to meet their daily obligations – time with family and friends, homework, extracurricular activities and possibly after-school jobs. They’re looking for smart ways of organizing their study time to get maximum results. If you’re like most teens who struggle with studying effectively, chances […]

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Stress-Busting Tips for Teens

Stress itself is a person’s reaction to life changes, and there is hardly a time in one’s life with more changes than the teen years! Added on to all these life changes is the fact that there is a lot going on in the life of the average teen – concerns about appearance, extracurricular activities, […]

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What to do When You Don’t Like Your Teenager’s Friends

*+-Parenting a teen can be tough, especially when they start bringing new friends home. With all the different friends your child is bound to make, it’s pretty likely you’re going to dislike at least one of them. Here’s what to do to keep this small issue from becoming a big problem.

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When Teenagers Talk Back

*+-Every parent would love to think their teenagers are perfect and respect them. But, truth be told, that’s probably not true. Parents especially feel their children aren’t perfect when teenagers talk back. If it’s happened to one parent, it’s most likely happened to many more. What is a parent to do? Here are some tips […]

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Dating Doesn’t Mean Sex – Teaching Your Teenagers That It’s OK to Say No


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