Summer Food Safety Tips

Summer Food Safety TipsLike cold and flu season, there seems to be a food-borne illness season – food-borne illnesses are at their peak during summer months. The warm temperatures of summer provide a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive making backyard cookouts an environment that encourages food contamination. Here are some tips on keeping your food safe this summer.

1. Cooking on the grill

Many cases of food poisoning have come from meat that’s undercooked; sometimes resulting in more severe illnesses. Since summer is the season for grilling burgers, make sure you cook the burgers all the way through, with no pink showing. Be sure there is no red juice from burgers pierced with a fork. Set burgers on a white platter and let them rest for at least 10 minutes before serving – if any reddish juice ends up on the platter during the rest period, put the burgers back on the grill.

2. Washing up

Summer is a time for picnics and cookouts, and many times there is no hand-washing facility available at the cooking site. Bring jugs of water and antibacterial soap to the site to wash your hands for food preparation and surface clean-up. Any time you handle raw meat, wash thoroughly before handling other foods, especially foods that won’t be cooked such as vegetables, fruits, or bread. You should also wash hands before handling utensils and cutting surfaces.

3. Coolers

When you transport foods like potato salad or burger meat, they need to be kept cold en route. Pack plenty of ice or cold packs along with the food. One good idea is to freeze water in used, plastic water bottles and distribute those around the food in the cooler. On the way, keep the cooler in the car where it’s air conditioned rather than in the trunk.

4. Put food away

At home, it’s easy to forget foods on the counter. In the summer, it’s especially important to put food back into the refrigerator or freezer after using. At cookouts and picnics, have a cooler handy to put leftovers into right away.

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