How to Teach Your Kids Responsibility

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It’s so important to teach your kids responsibility, but many parents fail in this area. I watch parents that will not allow their children to do anything because they don’t want to deal with the mess, the fear that their child will fail, or the time it takes to teach their children something new. Yet a responsible child needs these skills to be successful in school and to build a strong sense of self.

There are many things you can do to teach your child responsibility.

Give your child chores or things around the house to do. Start a small child out by having them make their bed and put their toys away. Give older children jobs that must be done every day or every week. Giving them work to do around the house helps them to begin to understand and appreciate what it takes to run a household.

Find a pet that your child would like and help them learn how to care for it. This teaches them to be responsible for another living thing. There are many different choices for pets and many pet stores will help you make that decision.

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Make your child be responsible for the consequences of their actions. Allow them to make choices for themselves. Understanding that there are rewards and punishments for their actions helps to develop social skills they need.

Teach them that life is not like bumper cars – there are consequence for everything you do in this world.

As our children grow, we can continue to provide opportunities for their growth and development. Teaching responsibility now will help them make correct choices later in life. This is such an important skill to learn and one that is easy to teach if we take the time.