Dads: How to Reconnect with Your Teenage Son


Any parent of a teenager knows that this phase makes the terrible twos seem pretty easy. Teenagers have their own set of issues going on, and even though we went through it ourselves, it is not easy parenting a teenager.

Even more delicate is the relationship between teenage son and father. While most teenagers seem to go through the rebellious phase in order to come out the other end finding out who they are, it may be a battle of the male sexes when it comes to dads and sons.

It does not have to be this way all the time, however. There are times when you just have to concede that this is a phase and it too shall pass, while other times you can manage and work your way through it as a parent with tips and tools.

Sometimes the simple act of reconnecting is enough to get you both back on track.

Giving Him Responsibility

You may wonder, as a parent, how giving your teenage son responsibility is a way to reconnect with him. If done in the right manner and not as a command or an order, giving your teenage son responsibility around the house shows him that you trust him.

It may be something as simple as picking up his younger brother after school or going to the post office if he is newly licensed. Small gestures of responsibility give him a feeling that you view him as a young man now. This will instill a sense of pride and gratitude to you for trusting him more and more now.

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Go Fish

Believe it or not, the act of standing next to your teenage son and quietly trying to hook a fish gives you the opportunity to just be with one another. Fishing offers the opportunity for no pretense, no battle of who is in charge, and no trying to be in control of each other.

In the quiet and simple act of fishing, you teach your son the art of patience and success when you reel one in, and you simply let him be who he is at the same time. There are no rules to discuss, no curfews to argue about, and no expectations at the moment other than to just be.

Give Him Some Space

In any relationship, sometimes a little space is necessary. It is no good to be on top of someone else in an effort to make them see things your way or to gain control. If you take some time and step away and keep it casual, chances are more than likely your teenage son will seek you out if you give him the opportunity to.

Don’t Make Him Wrong

Just because your teenage son wants to do things differently does not make him wrong necessarily. For example, while most parents want their kids to go to college, maybe your son is not interested right now.

Let’s look at some of the facts. Hundreds upon thousands of kids with college degrees come out with tons of money in loans and no job in sight.

If your teenage son does not want to go to college, instead of acting horrified see if you can strike a compromise. Perhaps he can work part time and go to school part time. Or perhaps instead of a miscellaneous degree, he can attend a technical school.

When it comes to teenage sons, sometimes letting go a little allows him to grow a lot.