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reducing screen time may improve kids' behavior & focus- a book review (1)

Reducing Screen Time May Improve Kids’ Behavior & Focus – A Book Review

According to a new book, Reset Your Child’s Brain – A Four-Week Plan To End Meltdowns, Raise Grades, and Boost Social Skills by Reversing The Effects of Electronic Screen Time by child psychiatrist, Victoria Dunckley, M.D., excessive screen time can lead to impaired brain function and interfere with a child’s development. Dr. Dunckley reviews the […]

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Child Development and Parenting Books for Parents

Welcome to our bookstore for parents in partnership with Amazon.com. Our professional expert staff carefully selects parenting books and child development books that provide information based on current research and provide solid advice and parenting tips.  While there are many parenting books and child development books available we have tried to make book selection easier […]

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