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Your teen has just received his license

Tips for Keeping Your Teen Safe on the Road This Summer

Your teen has just received his license and the worrying begins. Summer is just around the corner and your teen will be spending more time on the road. Here are tips for keeping your teen safe on the road this summer: Set ground rules around using the car. Driving should be limited to daytime hours […]

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Preparing for Birth

Comprehensive information and practical suggestions for women and their partners as they prepare for labor and delivery.

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The Baby Blues (Postpartum Depression)

While typical baby blues are fairly brief and usually disappear on their own, you can do a few things to help yourself feel better and get through the next few emotional days or weeks.

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Postpartum Depression

You’re not a terrible mother! You are a mother who is suffering from a condition known as postpartum depression, a condition that is treatable. While as many as 80% of mothers experience a temporary and mild condition referred to as the baby blues, up to 15% of women have the more severe reaction you’re experiencing. […]

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Easing Labor Pain: the complete guide to a more comfortable and rewarding birth

Detailed suggestions for women wanting to naturally reduce pain during labor and delivery.

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The Birth Partner: everything you need to know to help a woman through childbirth

Provides necessary information for anyone providing help and support to a woman during the birth process.

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A Good Birth, A Safe Birth: Choosing & Having The Childbirth Experience You Want

birth, labor, delivery, anesthesia, natural

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Active Birth: The New Approach to Giving Birth Naturally

Provides information on how to make the birth process as easy and enjoyable as possible for all concerned.

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Approximate Timetable of Prenatal Development

Provides information on fetal development through each trimester. Also, contains links to dozens of links on maternal health and prenatal care.

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