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Tips to Organize your Kids’ Playroom

One of the greatest things about being a kid is that you get to play. Just let your imagination run wild and see what happens. If your kids have a play area or a playroom, then it probably gets a little messy. Here are some tips for keeping it uncluttered.

Clutter is like an avalanche. It starts out small and then begins to snowball. When your kids don’t put up their toys or paints or books at the end of playtime, the mess gets worse with each passing day. But, you can tame the playroom – with the kids’ help.

  1. Come up with an organizational method. It doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate but something that the kids can get on board with. This can be a system of containers, drawers, bins or whatever else you like to use to hold all of their items. Depending on the size of their toys, buying a mix of small, medium and large will probably do the trick.
  2. Move out what is not working. You certainly didn’t mean for the playroom to get out of control in the first place. There was probably a shelf or bench where they were supposed to keep their toys. The problem with lids, even ones that close slowly, is that kids may not be able to raise the lid or can even get their fingers caught. Remove the bench and replace it with your new organizational system.
  3. Make it easy for them. If you use pictures on the front of the containers even your younger kids will know what toys go there. And, keep the organizational system at their level. Bins that are too tall can topple over on them. If the shelves are more your height than theirs, have them lowered.
  4. Kids love colors. You can use colors to separate each child’s toys. It is a simple way to handle the things that they play with most. When they are done playing, they can toss Mr. Rabbit or Ms. Frog into their bin and clean-up is done.
  5. Use a bowl for crayons and markers. You can buy low tables that kids can sit at to draw or color pictures. When they are done, have them toss their crayons into a large bowl. The bowl and their books can stay on the table. This keeps the books off of the floor. If you have an older child, they can stack the books on the table after everyone is finished.

Organizing a playroom is not as difficult as one might think when you take the users into account. Keep storage items low to the ground for easy access and use colors to separate personal toys.