Living Happily as a Family

Living Happily as a Family

Building a home is important. To build a home you need to do certain activities. If you want to improve the quality of family life you are spending you have to pay all due attention towards these things. These steps are minor steps, but these steps result in a much better level of understanding between the members of a family, and as a result the family becomes more strongly tied to each other.

If you want to become closer to your family you must know and learn to create a habit of eating together. It is obvious that all the members of the family cannot be there to eat together at the times of all meals. But what you can do is to make a habit of having dinner together with your family. In this way you will be able to spend time with your family and that will improve the situation. Similarly, it can be really helpful if you can have vacations together. Those parents who go for vacations with their kids along usually find it easier to deal with their kids during the daily grind. The experience the kids get by traveling and vacation brings them closer to their parents. The actual purpose of doing all these things is to spend time together. If you spend more time with your family members you will be able to create a better level of understanding with them.  This section provides articles as well as timely blog post with tips to build a positive environment for all family members as well as suggestions for fun family activities that build stronger family ties, improve self-esteem, creativity and some that promote physical fitness.

Featured Articles on Family Building

The Family Mission Statement

The Family Mission Statement

Tells how parents and kids can work together to develop a family mission statement that improves communication and function for families.
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Kids & Media

Child media safety news and parenting tips to help parents encourage safe and responsible use of media including the internet, television and video games.  Research information and guidelines from child media and professional organizations are provided ...

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    As a parent, you probably don’t want your kids to while away summer break glued to their iPads and smartphones. But on days when the mercury is climbing and your neighborhood looks like a ghost town, you can’t exactly blame your kids for wanting to stay indoors. Heck, you may have even found yourself devoting […]

  • How to Keep Your Child Active During Summer BreakHow to Keep Your Child Active During Summer Break

      Remember when you were a kid dreaming of summer days spent hiking, fishing, and playing outdoors? Childhood looks a lot different today than it did 30 years ago. Today it is a rarity to see children and teens without their heads buried in their phones, iPods, and video games. With the increasing reliance on […]

  • Protect Your Kids From the Summer Sun With These Easy TipsProtect Your Kids From the Summer Sun With These Easy Tips

    Everybody loves summertime activities with the kids splashing in the pool, outdoor adventures and maybe some time at the beach or the lake. Beware, though: Even a few serious sunburns can increase your child’s risk of getting skin cancer later on, according to the U.S. the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To keep your child’s delicate […]

  • How to Tap Into Nature with Your Kids This Summer (1)How to Tap Into Nature with Your Kids This Summer

      Summer is a long-waited-for event, but can also be a long dragged-out process at times. The lazy, hazy days of summer can sometimes turn into the “how many days before school starts” blues. There are only so many pool parties, play dates, and beach days before the kids become bored and you get overwhelmed […]

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    In the age of video games, cell phones, and computers, it isn’t hard for teenagers to find something to do on a rainy day. But spending too much time in front of a screen isn’t ideal for anyone, especially when there’s some old-fashioned fun to be had. Here are ten activities for teens from decades […]

  • 7 ways to survive another (3)7 Ways to Survive Another Snow Day

      Remember last winter, with its record-setting snow? And the 82 snow days your kids had? Well, this winter is predicted to be even snowier, so get prepared now. After all, we all know that feeling. You hear the words “school canceled,” and a familiar sense of dread and annoyance settles in your stomach. Maybe you’ve […]

  • 6 Indoor Activities for Teens and Young Adults_mini6 Indoor Activities for Teens and Young Adults

    By Susie Yakowicz Is family night becoming a bore for your teen and young adult children? Finding ways to keep older kids entertained at home with the family can be a challenge, especially when you’re cooped up indoors. The good news is teens and young adults don’t have to resort to video games or their […]

  • Want to Get Fit With Your Family- Here's How You Can Make it Happen (1)Want to Get Fit With Your Family? Here's How You Can Make it Happen

    It’s no secret that healthy living is important, but getting in shape when you have kids can be tough. Maybe you stopped exercising when you had kids because you were tired. Maybe your job schedule made it difficult to squeeze in workouts. Maybe you just got busy with life and stopped jogging as much as […]

  • Outdoor Winter ActivitiesOutdoor Winter Activities for the Whole Family

      Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean the outdoor activities have to stop! Help the family stay fit and have fun with winter activities for the whole family this season. Here are some ideas. Sledding/Coasting/Tubing  Whatever you call it, sliding downhill in the snow is fun for all ages. You can use inexpensive plastic snow […]

  • 3 Quick Ways to Get Fit as a Family3 Quick Ways to Get Fit as a Family

    Getting in shape is tough. Whether you join a gym or choose to exercise at home, it’s difficult to lose weight on your own. If you’ve been struggling to shed the pounds, it might be time to get your family involved. Keep in mind that getting fit as a family doesn’t mean you have to […]

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