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Puberty Information for Parents and Kids

parenting a teen in puberty As children approach and move through adolescence, they proceed through the following five stages of puberty:

Stage onePrepubertalNo sexual developmentPrepubertalNo sexual development
Stage twoTestes enlargeBody odorBreast buddingFirst pubic hair

Body odor

Height spurt

Stage threePenis enlargesPubic hair starts growing

Ejaculation (wet dreams)

Breasts enlargePubic hair darkens, becomes curlier

Vaginal discharge

Stage fourContinued enlargement of testes and penisPenis and scrotal sac deepen in color

Pubic hair curlier and coarser

Height spurt

Male breast development

Onset of menstruationNipple is distinct from areola
Stage fiveFully mature adult

Pubic hair extends to inner thighsIncreases in height slow, then stop
Fully mature femalePubic hair extends to inner thighs

Increases in height slow, then stop

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