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5 Indoor Rainy-Day Family Activities

5 Indoor Rainy-Day Family Activities

If there is one thing children cannot tolerate for long, it’s being stuck inside. Whether that long winter refuses to release its icy grip or your beautiful spring day has been ruined with showers, you are going to find your family stuck inside at some point in time. Now, you can either turn on the TV and let everyone plug into their mobile devices, or you can break those technological chains off from time to time and do something together as a family.

Finding a good set of rainy-day activities offers your family the chance to avoid boredom while also strengthening the bond that keeps your family together. Below you’ll find some fun indoor activities that will help you make the most of a rainy day and also give you a chance to enhance the connection between everyone in the house.

1. Bathroom Cleaning with a Twist
For families with toddlers, a little bathtub cleaning can be more fun than you think. If the rain has you stuck inside, why not take the kiddos into the bathroom and let them loose with shaving cream, sponges, and bath crayons? While they artfully redesign the look of your bathtub and surrounding walls, you can wash down the sink and clean the toilet. When they’re done having their fun, the room will smell great and you can wash their mess right down the drain. You’ll give your children a chance to express their artful creativity while cleaning at the same time.

2. Find Me Treasure, Matey!
If it’s raining when you wake up, you’ll have plenty of time to plan a fun treasure hunt for your kids. Take 30 minutes to hide some toys or treats around the house, draw up a map and some clues, and let your little pirates loose on the house. It might seem like fun and games, but rather than watching TV all day, your kids will engage their critical thinking skills to solve your clues and follow the map to discover the little treasures you’ve hidden.What's More Classic Than Baking Cookies on a Rainy Day

3. Board Games
Another simple, yet fruitful endeavor is to play a board game together as a family. It offers everyone a chance at quality time together and it’s flexible enough to apply to families with children of any age. For families with younger kids, Candy Land is a reliable go-to. Those with older children can play Scrabble, Monopoly, and more challenging games such as Apples to Apples or Taboo.

4. Plan a Movie Night
The television shouldn’t be used as a babysitter, but there’s nothing wrong with planning a movie night where everyone is together watching a film. Select a film that everyone can enjoy. Even if no one pays attention and you end up horsing around or talking instead, the night will be even more memorable. The key to this activity is the time together, not what’s going on in the background.

5. Whip Something Up
If all else fails during the day, give your kids a chance to show off their culinary skills. Get out all the ingredients to make cookies, muffins, cupcakes, or a cake. Give each of your children a duty and let everyone have a chance to get their hands dirty. When the dust (or flour) settles, everyone has a treat to enjoy.