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Baby Sling Recall

Recently a popular mode of carrying infants is with a sling.  Over 1 million baby slings have been sold by Infantino and there had been 3 cases of infant deaths associated with them.  The government agency Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that parents stop using the sling for infants under 4 months of age.  It is believed that the infants can be accidentally suffocated while in the baby sling.    The baby sling recalls involve the models “Slingrider” and “Wendy Bellisimo” .  The Infantino company is offering a replacement of the sling for a different type of carrier or toy product that they sell. Please contact Infantino for more information  https://www.infantino.com/

An alternative carrier that does not have the risk of suffocation would be the forward or rear facing carriers such as  Kelty Carrier

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