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Soap & Water Wipes Prevent Skin Infections in Wrestlers

Wrestlers can easily transmit skin infections during wrestling competitions;  these infections can be bacterial, fungal or viral.  Some wrestlers compete in 3 or more matches during a day with no breaks to shower in-between matches.  A recent study was presented at the 50th Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.  This study compared the effectiveness in the prevention of skin infection by the use of soap & water wipes, alcohol based wipes, and no wipes.  The wrestlers were randomized and were given a Soap & Water wipe made by Sage Products or an Alcohol based wipe made by Matguard.  They were instructed to wipe after each wrestling match.  The results of study indicated that the soap and water wipe was able to reduce the risk of a skin infection by 97%.  It appeared that the soap and water wipe was more effective than the alcohol based wipe.  This surprised the researchers who believed that the alcohol wipes may had been more difficult to use which decreased compliance.  The study also showed that if the wrestler did not use a wipe, 16% of them developed a skin infection.  So an effective and convenient method to prevent skin infections in wrestlers may be as simple as a soap and water wipe in-between matches.