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Teen Males “Sack Tapping”

Teen males have always found ways to express their testosterone spurts during their formative years.  In the past they would find risky activities like climbing trees, skateboarding on ramps, racing dirt bikes, and driving recklessly.  I remember growing up and we would punch each other in the arms to see how much pain we could inflict upon each other and show how much pain we could withstand.  Well now teens have sunk to a new low, literally.  There’s a new pasttime called “sack tapping”.  Teens would punch their friends in the scrotum to inflict pain.  A gentle tap in that area is enough to cause a moderate amount of discomfort or pain.  A punch can cause serious damage resulting in the rupture of the testicle that may require surgical removal.  The internet is partly responsible for spreading this odd behavior with video postings of these incidents.  Posting these videos become a source of pride for some to show how tough they are and how much pain they can endure.  Parents should discuss this with their teen and pre-teen sons; the consequences should be explained explicitly so they could understand the full extent of the damage that can be caused. https://abcnews.go.com/Health/Wellness/sack-tapping-boys-punch-testicles-game/story?id=10762563&page=1