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Ten Finger Food Ideas for Babies

When baby is ready to have something other than milk, most parents are overjoyed. Their baby can now sit at the table and eat with everyone else. Here are ten ideas to get you started on the road to food self-sufficiency.   There is no specific age at which you are supposed to start your baby on solid food. It is a choice that is made between you and your child. Usually though, most babies begin to eat solid foods at around six to eight months of age.    When you introduce solid foods, don’t be in a rush to give them everything all at once. Introduce one new food at a time. Fresh foods are better than processed because they contain more nutritional value. And, baby can hold them in their hand, especially if they are moving around. And, many babies do move around as they munch on their snacks.

  1. Soft cooked carrot pieces: Carrots are naturally sweet and make excellent finger food. This food provides potassium and other essential vitamins. Of course, you may have a mess in the kitchen (and everywhere else) when they are done.
  2. Pasta noodles: These little guys will be a lot of fun for your little guy. Try to overcook them slightly so that they end up a little bigger. Place a few cooled noodles on their plate without any seasoning or butter. You can consider covering them with a few bread crumbs for easier handling by baby.
  3. Cheese: Comes in many flavors. Try each one separately. Cut up sliced cheese and the block variety.
  4. Cooked green beans: Baby can pick these up one at a time and snack. Use fresh and cook them just until slightly soft.
  5. Potato fries: This includes sweet potatoes as well. Cut the vegetables into French fry strips and bake them. Be sure to remove the skin.
  6. Cereal: Cheerios and puffed rice or corn is small enough for tiny hands. They usually melt on the tongue so you don’t have to worry about choking. Buy the unsweetened cereal varieties.
  7. Diced pieces of chicken or turkey: Meat provides protein for your child. Take a lean chicken breast (or turkey) and cut it into small squares or strips about an inch long.
  8. Toast:  Lightly toast a slice of bread and cut it into squares. Buttering the toast makes it softer for baby to handle.
  9. Avocado: This firm and tasty fruit can be diced up for baby to try.
  10. Banana slices: As baby gets older, he or she can hold the banana themselves and bite it. But, for now, try slicing it into quarter inch pieces for baby to eat.