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Risky Teen Driving Habits Predicts Future Crashes

Teen drivers are typically involved in more accidents than more experienced drivers.  A recent study seems to point out the causes of these teen driver accidents.  A study  of new drivers showed that as the number of sharp turns and screeching stops increases, that predicts the future chance of having an accident or near-accident within a few weeks.

We have all sat in cars with drivers who accelerate too quickly, turn too sharply, or brake too late.  Intuitively we know that this is a predictor of risky driving habits.  This study used computers and cameras to quantitate the gravitational force (g-force) events that occur with jack-rabbit starts, sharp turns, or  hard braking.  They monitored the teens for 18 months and tracked the g-force events and the number of crashes or near-crashes.  As the number of g-force events  increased per month occured, the chances of a accident increased in the next month.

There are products available in the market to monitor teen drivers but it is not clear whether or not they decrease the number of accidents.  Parents of new teen drivers can monitor their driving habits and train them how to drive carefully and build safe driving skills early on.  Poor driving habits will compound the lack of driving experience.  New drivers should stick to familiar roads and clear driving conditions while they build confidence and experience.  There are excellent resources available to help parents teach safe driving skills.  [amazon_link id=”0743277112″ target=”_blank” ]Crash-Proof Your Kids: Make Your Teen a Safer, Smarter Driver[/amazon_link] and [amazon_link id=”B0059UKBDW” target=”_blank” ]A Handbook For Parents Of Teen Drivers[/amazon_link]