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What is Holistic Positive Parenting?

Holistic Positive Parenting is a comprehensive, evidence-based, practical, and effective approach to parenting.
Holistic involves an approach based on child development that puts parents in the role of a child’s first teacher encompassing all developmental domains, including physical, language, intellectual and social-emotional.
Holistic involves the whole family supporting each other and promoting each family member’s physical health and psychological well-being.
Holistic involves the family interacting with each other and engaging in mutually enjoyable activities to promote connectedness, resilience, and each family member’s creativity and personal development.
Positive includes teaching and reinforcing social-emotional skills that improve cooperation, respect, open communication, independence, and self-control.
Positive includes using mutual problem-solving to resolve conflicts and teaching the necessary skills to ensure the solution’s success.
Positive includes providing age-appropriate structure and boundaries to ensure safety, cooperation, and personal achievement.

How does the course work?

The course uses a self-paced eLearning approach providing a logical flow of information and skill development.  

  • The course starts by equipping parents with the latest information on the parent-child relationship, child development, and neuropsychological skill building.  
  • Next comes practical suggestions for building a family organization to promote cooperation and shared responsibility. 
  • That is followed by helping children and parents develop and improve communication skills, problem-solving, and emotional regulation that promotes cooperation and self-control and aids in conflict resolution.  It also provides parents with the tools necessary to provide appropriate structure and encouragement to ensure that children and teens practice and use their skills effectively and appropriately.
  • Finally, the last three lessons provide suggestions and tools to promote fun and positive family activities that promote connectedness and self-esteem.  They also provide information and tools to enable all family members to improve physical fitness, healthy eating, and restful sleep.  Finally, the last module provides information and tools related to the appropriate and safe use of digital devices and engagement with cyberspace.

What is provided by the course?

The course uses an eLearning approach, providing narrated slides, videos, and written materials.  The written materials offer additional information expanding on the lesson material, valuable tools to implement the recommended strategies and activities, and checklists to monitor your progress and keep you on the path to success.  

The materials also provide links to websites offered by professional societies, universities, government agencies, and charitable organizations, providing valuable information and practical tools.  These resources greatly enhance parenting skills and provide children with knowledge and experiences that foster creativity and improve physical, intellectual, and social-emotional development.