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Holistic Positive Parenting Course

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What is Holistic Positive Parenting?

Holistic Positive Parenting is a comprehensive, evidence based, practical, effective approach to parenting.
Holistic involves an approach based on child development that puts parents in the role of a child’s first teacher encompassing all developmental domains including physical, language, intellectual and social-emotional.
Holistic involves the whole family supporting each other and promoting the physical health and psychological wellbeing of each member of the family.
Holistic involves the family interacting with each other and engaging in mutually enjoyable activities to promote connectedness, resilience, and each family member’s creativity and personal development.
Positive includes teaching and reinforcing social-emotional skills that improve cooperation, respect, open communication, independence, and self-control.
Positive includes using mutual problem solving to resolve conflicts along with teaching the necessary skills to ensure the success of the solution.
Positive includes providing age-appropriate structure and boundaries to ensure safety, cooperation, and personal achievement.

Meet The Authors

Robert Myers, PhD & Pamela Myers

Your hosts and narrators are Bob & Pam Myers. They are college sweethearts who married and have raised two children and now are proud grandparents.  

Bob is a child psychologist with over 40 years of experience. He earned his PhD from the University of Southern California. He has been in private practice and is an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at the UC Irvine School of Medicine.

Pam is a retired elementary school teacher and has donated her time to several youth programs in her community.

Bob and Pam draw on both their parenting and professional experience to provide you with an approach to parenting that is based on the latest research on child development and parenting and is also practical and effective.