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Grandparents: How to Bond with Your Teenage Grandchildren

Man and child  playing. The teenage life is hard. Kids are going through a lot of emotional and physical changes. They need the stability of family to help them stay anchored. This includes grandparents.

When kids are small, grandparents are like the best people ever. While parents have to be the disciplinarians, grandparents can be the ones who enjoy having fun with their grandchildren. It is fun to sit and talk or play games for hours on end at grandma’s house.

What happens when kids get older, especially the teenage years? It can put a strain on the grandchild/grandparent relationship. Teens are growing up. They are caught in the space between childhood and adulthood. Spending time with others their own age might be preferable since they at least understand them.

But, as family members and grandparents, you don’t have to become obsolete. You are still a vital part of their lives. You just have to adjust your position to one that is favorable to your grandchild.

Here are some ideas for bonding with your teenage grandchild.

* Watch a movie – On a Saturday evening or a Sunday afternoon when the family is together, get a movie and watch it with them. Let your teenage grandchild choose the movie. It may not be something that you would usually watch but then it can give you an idea of what your grandchild is into right now. Who knows – it may even lead to a lively discussion.

* Reminisce over old photo albums – Many teens wonder where their childhood went. You can show them with old family albums. Go through old times with pictures from when they were young and when you were young. It could spark questions about how you handled the teen years. At the very least, you get to share a precious afternoon with them.

* Volunteer – You might want to think twice about this one but then again, you may be up to it. When your teen hits the ripe old age of fifteen, they will have one thing on their minds – driving. You could be their driving instructor if your heart can take it. This is a great time to spend teaching them something that you know. Mom and dad will be glad that you did.

* Invite them on vacation – It can be fun having your grandchildren at your place or visiting somewhere different. Offer them the chance to bring a friend along if they wish. Be sure that it is okay with their friend’s parents.

* Share a hobby – Maybe your grandchild liked to go fishing when they were younger. Just because they are older doesn’t mean they don’t still like it. Ask them to bring a friend along who might also be interested in it. You can bond over a worm and a fish hook.

Just because your teen grandchild is growing up doesn’t mean you are being put out to pasture. There are still good times to be had with them if you know how.