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Storage Container Art

When you have kids, storage containers can’t be far behind. They are a simple system that can help them to stay organized in their rooms and play areas. Let the kids in on the act so they can learn that staying organized can be fun.

Kids like bright colors. Whatever the organizational structure in their room, incorporate color into it so they can make it their own. Speaking of rooms, kids also need a say in how their areas are designed, since they will be the ones occupying it.   To that end, try to get your kids involved in storage container art. This is the process of letting them decorate the organizational features of their room. This will also keep them from having the desire to draw on the walls and other surfaces that don’t need to be enhanced.

Encourage creativity in your child by giving them an outlet. When you help them to tidy up their area, bring a few special extras and the storage containers. Your kids will love you for it.

  1. Clear an area to work.
  2. Show your kids the storage containers that they will use to keep their rooms clean.
  3. Before you start, let them choose what containers they want to use for their stuff. Start with two or three and then grab more as needed.
  4. Lay out the special extras that you brought with you. Kids can decorate their containers with stickers, non-toxic paints, pictures, foam lettering and ribbons. Let them go wild. Resist the urge to straighten their stickers or correct their designs. It is for their stuff so it needs to look good to them.
  5. Set aside a special place for the decorations so that your kids can grab and use them whenever they need to. Be sure that you reiterate that the stickers are not for the walls, but storage containers. But, just in case they get mischievous and one or two end up on the wall, use decals that are designed for walls instead of regular stickers for their container art. These can be removed and reapplied without ruining surfaces.

Once the containers are decorated, it is time to put something in them. Let your kids decide what toys will go in what container. Help them to move the containers to an area where they will stay permanently to keep their items off the floor.   Now, whenever you tell the kids it is time to clean up, they get to use their decorative containers. Cleaning before bed won’t be such a chore. You can even turn it into a game by letting them pick up each others toys and throw them in the right bin.    Use storage containers as a way to unleash your kid’s creative side and teach them responsibility at the same time.