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Dance Class Ideas for Toddlers to Teens

Dance Class Ideas for Toddlers to Teens

Dance is a wonderful and freeing way to express oneself.  No matter what the style, it builds confidence, as well as emotional and physical health.  Encourage your child to explore this expressive form of movement and find a style of dance that suits his personality and temperament.

The preschool years are a time of discovering the surrounding world. Curiosity and energy abound and it often seems that children this age are in constant motion. Dance is a wonderful activity to help children release that energy and learn balance and coordination at the same time.  It’s important to choose the style that best compliments their personality type so that it will be enjoyable.  Many cities offer community programs for youngsters to move freely to rhythm and music which can prepare for more advanced dance styles as they get older.

Early Elementary Age
As a child grows out of toddlerhood and into the elementary years, he should be more coordinated and will better be able to master a greater number of dance styles. Jazz, tap, ballet, or freestyle classes are fun activities to share with friends. You’ll quickly become aware of what class is best for your unique little one by the smile on his face and enthusiastic desire to continue going.

Preteens may start to choose activities based on what is considered “cool”. Hip hop is an example of a style that is definitely in that category. It’s also a great way to burn off steam for an age group where the majority of children are going through many changes both the inside and out.Dancing Baby CDI

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The teen years are a time of expanding current interests and dance can be a great focus for these interests. All dancing is a great way to keep active, stay in shape, and a great way to socialize with others. When a teen is focused on an activity such as dance, she is less likely to be bored and look to the wrong places for excitement.

African or Latin dance may be appealing because of the rich heritage connected to them. Latin dance is fast, colorful, and fun.  African dance is also an energetic way to release energy.  For a young person who wants to take his education beyond dance, he can learn about the culture behind it and even try out other facets such as African drumming, etc.

Dance of all kinds is a great way to enrich your child’s life. No matter what age your child may be, there is a type of dance that will best suit him. Give your child a chance to enjoy some of these different styles and encourage him to stick with it.