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Using Summer Camp to Prepare Your Elementary Student for Middle School







Summer vacation is a concept that gets significant attention in the United States. People argue whether it’s long enough or too long. People discuss whether summer vacation should be eschewed for year-round schooling or if it should be as it always has been. One question that all parents ask themselves is what their children will be doing during summer vacation. A way to turn a summer vacation into an opportunity is through enrichment summer camps.

Preventing Summer Slide

Summer is a magical time for students. For many, it’s a time to forget all about school and relax. This relaxation often turns into sitting on the couch and binge-watching shows or playing video games. Researchers have found that over the summer months this type of activity is an issue they refer to as “summer slide.” The slide is the amount of learning that’s lost by being idle over the summer months. Studies show that students can potentially lose over two months of math skills over the summer. This academic dip has been documented in reading and other disciplines, as well.

Most sources agree the best way to help prevent summer slide is to keep kids learning through the summer by reading, thinking critically, and remaining intellectually challenged, which is where a summer enrichment camp can come in. Most summer camps that have an academic component find ways to make learning fun, so it’s not like being in a classroom. Often more hands-on activities, experiments, and creativity are used to stimulate the attention of the campers. Learning is something kids will want to do rather than they have to do during the school year.

Transition From Middle School To High School

The transition from middle school to high school can be stressful for many students. It’s a new building with older students and new teachers, an unknown. Additionally, the classes can be more challenging when teachers start to expect even more from their students. Summer slide can add to the frustration of your child making this transition.

A summer camp may be beneficial when it comes to this transition from middle to high school. Not only does your child have a chance to be kept in an academic mindset, but they are also placed in a new situation with new people. The summer camp environment can help simulate how they’ll feel when entering high school but at a smaller level. They get a chance to meet new peers with similar interests and make friends.

Only For The Gifted Learner?

You may be thinking that your child isn’t considered academically gifted, so they won’t qualify for an enrichment summer camp, but that’s not the case. All students can benefit from being engaged and challenged in learning over the summer months. Gifted students and those who aren’t specifically labeled as talented can both see progress. Getting exposed to new concepts and trying new subjects is an excellent way for your student to grow academically.

You may find that the smaller class size and often hands-on curriculum of summer programs is an excellent way to get your elementary student ready for middle school. Get your kids off the couch and prepared to prevent that dreaded summer slide. Check out some of the programs that are local to your area to find the best one to fit your needs and budget.