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Toys Great For Allowing Creativity To Blossom

child playing with blocks Most children have little trouble expressing their creativity.  Just ask any mother who has had to clean crayons and markers off of a freshly painted wall.  Providing toys that allow your child to get creative encourage imagination and allow her to learn by doing.   Creativity isn’t just about artwork.  It can be expressed in a number of ways.  Here are some of the best toys for encouraging creativity in your child.

Building Toys

Blocks of any kind are great for kids of all ages.  They can be used to build almost anything your child can imagine.  Legos allow kids to make more durable masterpieces, but it’s important to get the big ones for children who still like to put things in their mouths.   There are also other types of building toys, such as the magnetic K’nex, that allow greater flexibility and different ways to build.  There are even kits that allow older kids to build their own remote control cars. [Find Building Toys]

Art Toys

Drawing is a favorite activity for many children.  You can encourage your budding artist by giving her toys that make it easy to express herself.  Washable markers make messes more bearable.  Magnetic drawing boards, Etch-a-Sketches, and other toys that allow drawing without using crayons or markers eliminate the mess altogether and are great for travel.   Finger paint is a favorite of young artists, but it can be messy.  Letting your kids indulge in it once in a while is good for them, and with some preparation you can avoid any permanent damage.  Smocks and lots of newspaper will protect their clothes and your table. [Find Art Toys]

Musical Toys

Music is a wonderful learning tool for children, and it’s even better when they make it themselves.  You can find durable toy instruments for even the youngest budding musician.  Babies love plastic tambourines, maracas and xylophones.  Toddlers and preschoolers can play a kazoo or recorder.  If your child expresses great interest in the piano, beginner piano lessons might be a good investment.   Children who love to sing might enjoy a karaoke machine.  There are also microphones that do special effects so your little singer can sound like a pro.  And there are lots of sing-a-long CDs, DVDs, and toys available.  [Find Musical Toys]

Craft Kits

There are all sorts of crafts that kids can do.  Kits that come with everything needed for a specific craft project make crafting easy.  You could buy individual craft items and let your kids’ imaginations take over.   Creativity comes naturally for kids.  Giving them toys that help them express themselves is a great way to encourage them to do so.  Kids who are allowed to be creative often have a greater interest in learning and as a result they are more likely to do their best in school and life.  [Find Craft Toys]

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