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4 Ways to Make Your Marriage a Priority When You Have Children

 4 Ways to Make Your Marriage a Priority When You Have Kids

Children are wonderful. They also make it a little challenging to find time for yourself and for your marriage. Yet when you make your marriage a priority, you not only enjoy the benefits, your family and children also thrive. It’s important to take steps to find quality time with your spouse. The following tips and ideas will help you and your spouse.

  1. Create Small Rituals

Date night is something that people often recommend to married couples with children. However, it often doesn’t work. It can be difficult and expensive to find a reliable babysitter. Designating a specific night as “date night” can put some stress on the evening. Instead, consider creating small rituals that connect you each day. For example, spend five minutes each morning drinking coffee together and talking about your day. Go to bed at the same time and spend time together. Turn off your devices and snuggle, talk, and enjoy intimacy. Text each other every day at lunch or connect at the end of the work day as you’re heading home. Small rituals can make a significant difference in your marriage and your life. Stay connected.

  1. Support Each Other’s Interests

Find something outside of work and children that you enjoy doing and support each other to pursue those interests, either together or individually. For example, maybe you want to take dance classes and your husband likes to golf. Take turns. He takes dance classes with you and you go golfing with him. This gets you active and engaged with each other outside of work and family. It helps you connect on a deeper level and appreciate each other.

  1. Practice Gratitude

It’s easy to focus on the negative things, like the things that your spouse does that get on your nerves or the tasks they don’t do around the home. Let the negative emotions go and focus on what you love and like about each other. Are they funny, kind, or intelligent? What talents and virtues do they have that you appreciate? Don’t just think about why you love your spouse but tell them and tell them often. Focusing on the positive and expressing it to your spouse connects you in a powerful way. It’s important to know you’re appreciated and loved.

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  1. Spend Family Time Together

Do things together as a family that you both enjoy. Take road trips, eat meals together, and embrace activities that you’re interested in. Parents tend to focus on activities that children want to do. They take them to the zoo or to the amusement park. The thing is, children are usually flexible and they can have fun just about anywhere. Find activities that you and your husband like to do and bring the family along.

But remember, it’s important to spend quality romantic time together.  Don’t lose sight of why you fell in love in the first place.  Go to dinner and a movie. Enjoy walks, holding hands, and doing the things that make you feel connected. Making your marriage a priority isn’t as tricky as it sounds. Communicate and connect throughout the day if possible.  This is not only positive for your children to see but essential for a happy and healthy marriage.