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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is a fun event for children, but it can be treacherous if you don’t know how to keep them safe. Children love dressing up in costumes and going trick or treating with friends while enjoying all sorts of sweets they find on doorsteps across the neighborhood! However, this means that parents have a very important task – safely escorting their kids from house-to-house so everyone has an enjoyable evening together.

  • Reflective Strips – For a child to be safe and visible on Halloween night, they should wear reflective strips. You can purchase these at either your local costume store or fabric store – the size options will match up with any outfit so you don’t need additional clothes just for safety!
  • Masks -Masks are a traditional part of Halloween, but if worn incorrectly or not fitted for your child’s head can be hazardous. The “one size fits all” design usually means that children’s masks fill up loose around their face which could cause trip hazards and choking hazards as well as cutting off circulation in some cases! Make sure to try on any new mask before purchase so you know it will fit comfortably and securely 
  • Make-Up – Make-up can play a vital part in designing the perfect Halloween costume. What some parents do not realize, however, is that not all make-ups are hypoallergenic and could cause allergic reactions for your child which include hives or rashes on their face/body parts if applied with improper products. To test out whether or not this particular type of makeup will work before application, place about an inch worth onto wrists at least one day ahead so it has time to settle into its final state – no reaction after an hour means you’re golden!
  • Fire Hazard – Make sure you purchase Flame- retardant costumes and wigs. All it takes is one spark for an entire outfit to catch fire, which poses a potential fatal hazard to your child if they’re not wearing their flameproof clothes or makeup
  • Flashlights – Flashlights are a necessity, especially if trick or treating after dark. In addition to carrying flashlights and safety tags with your child’s information can be carried in case they get lost while out on their own for Halloween night!

Going door-to-door or visiting neighbors’ houses, dressing up in costumes, mountains of candy, all of these aspects combined of course children are going to be excited to go out on Halloween night with their friends and family.However parents must be constantly mindful that it is important to follow safety tips for the best Halloween experience!