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Safety Tips for Enjoying Fireworks this Independence Day

children fireworks safety issues parentsEnjoying the fireworks is one of the most fun things about Independence Day. They are spectacular for all ages, but they are especially enchanting for kids. No matter where you decide to attend the fireworks in your community, safety is still a consideration, as is everyone’s comfort level. Here are some safety tips for enjoying fireworks this Independence Day.

1. Is Everyone Ready?
Not everyone is ready to watch fireworks at the same age. Remember, fireworks are not only watched – they’re heard as well. And babies, small children, and pet dogs may get very upset at the loud noise. Upset kids and pets are not conducive to a fun outing for anyone! So make sure your kids are old enough to enjoy the whole show, noise included.

2. Avoiding Damage to Your Ears
Even if you’re ready to handle the loud noise of fireworks, inexpensive, soft earplugs are a good idea. Just because you or your kids can “take” the noise without a problem doesn’t mean your ears won’t experience damage. Earplugs can be put in just as the show begins and taken out as soon as it’s over.

3. Be Prepared
If you are walking or driving to an outdoor area to view the fireworks, it’s not a bad idea to take along some things that will make your outing more comfortable and enjoyable. Here are some suggestions.

-A light wrap in case the night is cool and to keep bugs off
-Insect repellent
-Portable chairs
-Some entertainment like books or portable games to pass the time before the fireworks start
-Blanket or towels to sit on in addition to or instead of chairs

Also, it’s a good idea to scope out the nearest bathroom facility beforehand. If there isn’t one, make sure everyone goes before you leave. (Nearby restaurants are a good option, too.)

4. Sparklers at Home
As long as it’s legal (sparklers usually are), you can set them off at your own house. (Make sure you are considerate of the neighbors!) To make this as safe and fun as possible, have a bucket full of water handy as you begin. You can toss used matches and the sparklers themselves into the bucket, and you have a quantity of water available if you need to grab it. Only set the sparklers off in a concrete or asphalt area, such as a clear driveway or low-traffic neighborhood road. Don’t set them off in a grassy yard or near brush.

Observing a few safety precautions helps make Independence Day fireworks a fun and enjoyable event.  For information visit the National Council on Fireworks Safety site.