Top Five Summer Jobs for Teens


As summer approaches, it’s time for your teen to get a job. This will be good preparation for their future role in the workplace. Here are the top five summer jobs for teens you may want to consider:

1. If your teen is already in college, a great way to spend the summer is to intern in a company which incorporates the teen’s chosen field. For example, if your teen is studying architecture at college, working for an architect will give them insight, and training, which will become invaluable to them later on. They can use the company as a reference later on or they may even be offered a job after graduation.

2. If your teen is athletic, he or she may opt to work as a lifeguard at a beach, pool, or park. This would not only be great training for them, but also teach them discipline, and a good work ethic, as well.

3. Perhaps your teen wants to become a veterinarian. Working at a veterinary clinic can be an immeasurable source of knowledge. Any practical experience they gain can only serve to increase their proficiency in this area.

4. Is your teen interested in becoming a computer programmer? If so, your child can intern at IBM, or other top-notch companies, wherein, he or she will learn all of the latest computer technology, as well as the ins and outs of software applications.

5. Does your teen want to become a writer? If he or she is majoring in journalism, any local or national newspaper would be happy to take him, or in as an intern for the summer. Here, your teen can learn all about writing, publishing, editing, and news coverage. This would be a wonderful experience to help catapult your teen into a successful career in journalism.

You may have read about the teen, who had an idea about selling beanie babies on eBay. He is a millionaire today! The possibilities for your teen are endless. Having a summer job not only teaches about the specificity of the position at hand, but what companies expect; what jobs are more competitive than others; learning to work with others; developing a good, strong work ethic; taking criticism; and applying what was learned to their college and life experience.

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