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Seven Party Ideas for Grown-Up Ladies




Parties aren’t just for little girls! Grown-up women like to have parties, too. It might look a little different than the college scene, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun.

Here are seven party ideas for women.

1. Rent a Cabin

For a rustic, nature-intensive party, you can rent a cabin for the day and invite everyone over. Party ideas that are good for a cabin setting might be a bonfire or cookout. You could also go for a hike and have a picnic. If the cabin has an outdoor hot tub, all the better for relaxing while sipping drinks.

2. Slumber Party

You don’t have to be a pre-teen to enjoy a slumber party. They can be great fun for women, too, especially if you have a friend who really needs some extra support. It’s a fun way for everyone to hang out without worrying about driving home, so if you want to serve alcohol, it’s a safer option.

3. Makeover Party

Host a party with a makeup specialist who can give everyone a makeover. This is everyone’s chance to try a new look! The specialist can give a short talk, and then make sure you have lots of good food and entertainment for everyone while each guest gets her makeover.

4. Dinner and a Facial

Taking the “beauty” theme a bit further, consider giving guests a facial. While evening would be a fun time to combine the facial with a sit-down meal, mid-mornings would also be a great time for this sort of party. You could serve a buffet brunch, for example, and have a beauty expert on hand to do everyone’s facial. Or, you could have do-it-yourself ingredients or kits and guests could help each other.

5. Natural Beauty

You could also host a natural-beauty themed party and let guests choose from an assortment of natural ingredients to make their own cleansers, moisturizers, hair treatments, and face masks.

6. Fitness Focus

There’s a lot of focus on fitness lately, and for good reason. Exercise and keeping fit are vital for health. Why not host a women’s party where you have a personal trainer come and speak? He or she could offer gym membership coupons or special deals on his or her services as a trainer. Along with healthful foods, this kind of party can inspire as well as entertain.

7. Tea Party

The concept of the tea party has changed quite a bit since its Victorian inspiration. Of course, you may want to host just that kind of party – an old-fashioned, Victorian-style tea party with period foods and antique teacups. You might also want to go with a modern flair, and serve trendy teas in various flavors, iced and hot. You could have the party indoors or outside on a patio or porch, or you may want to rent a venue.

As you can see, there are a great many ways for adult women to have fun parties! Remember some of the little perks that make parties extra-fun, like favors and games, and you’ll have an event to remember.