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Depression in Children and Adolescents

A once bubbly and engaging child becomes sullen and withdrawn, or irritable and a bully on the playground. School tardiness or absence becomes frequent, and

Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents

Information on child and adolescent bipolar disorder including diagnosis and treatment along with links to support groups and recommendations on useful books and materials for

“Play Is The Work of the Child” Maria Montessori

Play activities are essential to healthy development for children and adolescents. Research shows that 75% of brain development occurs after birth. Learn how to encourage

Media Influence on Kids: Monster or Magician?

Media influence on kids has become the subject of increased focus by parents, educators, and healthcare professional. New research has named several areas of influence

Reasons Why Children Should Avoid Fad Diets

It’s not unusual for adults to choose to go on fad diets in order to lose weight for a special occasion. While no one expects