3 Ways to Handle a Bad Report Card

3 Ways to handle

Every parent wants to know that their child is smart. Whether your child is a bubbly first grader or a moody teenager, you want what’s best for your child. When your youngster brings home a report card, it’s natural to hope that your little one’s grades are good. Unfortunately, for many families, this isn’t the reality. Whether your child has one bad grade or an entire report card of bad grades, it’s important that you demonstrate to your child that you still care.

Focus on the good

For some parents, an easy response to a bad report card is, “I can’t believe your grades are so bad” or “What were you thinking?” Remember that for children, a report card can be incredibly intimidating and scary. Instead of focusing on one bad grade or even a report card full of grades, try to point out the positive aspects of your child’s report card. For example, you could say, “This gives you something to strive for,” or “I noticed you got a ‘B’ in Math! That’s great!” Try to find at least one good thing to say to your child. Even if the entire report card is completely rotten, something like, “I know you’re trying your best,” can go a long way in making your child feel loved.

Get your child the help he needs

Sometimes kids just need a little extra help. Whether your child struggles with math, history, or science, it’s important that you recognize when a traditional education isn’t working. While some parents might choose to home educate their children, others find that tutoring can be quite helpful. If your child’s report cards keep getting worse and worse, a private tutor or even group sessions might prove to be helpful. For parents who cannot afford private tutoring, there are many state-sponsored tutoring services available. Another option would simply be to try to help your child with homework and projects yourself.

Remind your child that no one is perfect

Was there a time when you failed? Have you ever struggled to get good grades? Did you ever feel like your parents were disappointed in you? Why not talk with your child about it? Let your little one know that you know what it’s like to feel alone. Let your youngster know that you’ve felt scared, sad, and disappointed before. Everyone makes mistakes. No one is perfect, no matter how hard they try to be. Let your child know that you’re still proud of them, even if the report card wasn’t perfect.

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One Response to 3 Ways to Handle a Bad Report Card

  1. Charu Verma November 2, 2016 at 9:12 am #

    Bang on. Awesome
    article on grades and number race. Everyone around us is striving for grades at
    any cost. Grades are important to us but not as important as the learning. At
    times parents manhandle their kids or abuse them for not getting the right
    grades but they tend to forget is the effort to be put from both the
    sides. We as parents often ask our kids
    to cram up either a concept or at times the whole chapter just to ensure higher
    grades without even realizing the impact of the same.

    Go a little mile further and try to understand their pain
    points. Spend a quality time to teach them and solving their problems. Often
    share your experience of similar situations as no one is perfect where failure is
    a virtue and everyone goes through the same. Feeling sad and scared is ok but
    don’t let them dwell on to their failures as it can restrict the mental growth
    of a child. Try to emphasize on their strengths and persuade them to do better
    and their best the next time. Help them with extra study material and provide
    them an ambience which enhances the desire to put in that extra little effort
    that was missing the last time. Embrace them with love and imbibe a habit of
    learning and understanding the subject better. A well learned and knowledgeable
    child always scores well than those who just mug up the things.

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    which provides cool and informative stuff on the topic. The link is as follows:

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