Tips for Keeping Your Teen Safe on the Road this Summer

safe driving for teensThe time has come! Your teen has just received his license and the worry begins. Although summer is just around the corner, teens that drive will be spending more time on the road. To this end, here are tips for keeping your teen safe on the road this summer:

Set ground rules as to when your teen can use the car. Daytime driving in the beginning, at least for the first six months; then gradually allow your teen to drive at night; but only up until a certain hour.

Teach by example. Do not drive and use a cell phone; or eat while driving. Don’t tailgate or speed; or invoke any road rage when driving. Never drink and drive. Wearing seat belts is now a law; therefore, follow all of the rules and regulations taught in driving school. Your teen will take note, and follow your lead.

Limit the areas where your teen can drive, at least until he or she has been driving for a while.

Do not allow any passengers in the car for at least six months. They need to understand the rules of the road, and not engage in conversation with friends. These can ultimately distract them causing an accident.

Ensure your car is well maintained. Check the tires regularly; windshield wiper fluid; water; brakes; windshield wipers, etc.

Accompany them as much as possible in the beginning; pointing out hazards they may come across such as holes; construction, and the like. Mix up the routes so they become used to driving to different places.

Take your teen to your regular gas station, so they become acquainted with the personnel, and can select the proper gas for your car. Teach them how to put air in the tires as well.

If you don’t already have one, purchase an emergency road kit, and explain each item to the teen.

Teach your teen how to change a tire, how to use road flares, and what to do in an emergency.

These tips for keeping your teen safe on the road this summer probably need to be mentioned often to help them remember. Another thing to point out is that while they are a safe driver, others on the road may not be.

Visit Kids and Cars for more information and tips on teen driving safety.

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