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Interactive Educational iOS Apps for Toddlers

Interactive Educational iOS Apps for

Are you a busy parent who occasionally allows your child playtime on your smartphone in order to get work done?  Do you feel guilty that you use your smartphone to occupy your child? Rather than feeling remorseful over your digital-rearing, why not turn your child’s tech-time into an opportunity to learn? Check out the following educational apps for toddlers to see which ones your child might enjoy.

  1. Bob and Larry’s ABC’s

Offered by Storypanda, the Bob and Larry’s ABC’s app helps children learn their alphabet. This interactive iOS app offers 3D images, animated characters, and social sharing. Children can share their learning progress with grandparents via email each time they learn a new letter.

  1. Magic Story Maker

Available from FWIW, the Magic Story Maker app offers engaging cartoon characters for kids combined with news stories for parents. Your child will think you are reading them a bedtime story meant for children, when you’re actually reading news headlines in a silly voice. Your child will be captivated by fun graphics and won’t even realize the words you’re reading are meant for adult ears.

  1. Shapes Toddler Preschool

The Shapes Toddler Preschool app from Toddler Teasers is a terrific app to help young children learn their shapes. This app offers animated flash cards, quizzes, and interactive puzzles. Children can learn everything from animal and bird shapes to bathroom and kitchen shapes. If you are going to allow your young child to play with your smartphone, adding the Shapes Toddler Preschool app to your phone is definitely worth considering.

These are just some of our favorite educational apps for kids to consider.  From alphabet learning to colors, there are all sorts of fundamentals your child can learn while playing with your smartphone or tablet. Which of these child-friendly apps will you be downloading to your Apple device?