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Safe Water Play for Kids


Looking for ways to get your kids out into the fresh air and sunshine? Why not set up a sprinkler or get the pool ready for some summertime fun! Here are a few ideas for backyard entertainment for the kids.

Pool Tag

All you need for this game is a pool full of water, a few kids, and a clean sponge. The game is played just like regular tag with one child trying to “tag” someone else with a wet sponge so that child becomes “it”. Just make sure that you remind the kids to keep the sponge in their hands while tagging.

Frozen Surprise

The preparations for this game start the night before you expect to play it. You will need to make a frozen surprise for each child who is going to play. Take a plastic toy, small ball, or piece of play jewelry and freeze it in an ice cube or small container. Just watch all of the smiles that pop up while the kids take their frozen surprises into the pool to watch them melt.

Sprinkler Dash

Set up the sprinkler so that it rotates fully from one side to the other. Place a dozen or more balls on the ground on either side of the sprinkler. The goal of this game is to get as many balls as possible without getting wet. If the kids are really young, show them how to play while you explain it before actually starting the game. As the children get wet by the sprinkler, they have to sit out of the game. Once the last child gets wet, tally up the balls to see who wins the game.

Squish Ball Toss

This is an easy game for kids to play in the pool or with sprinklers. All you need is a multi-pack of squish balls. Set up the kids in pairs or small groups and have them toss the squish balls back and forth. This game is as much fun underneath the cascading flow of water from sprinklers as it is in the pool.

Dance Party

What could be more fun than dancing around a colorful sprinkler designed for kids? Just put on some music and let the kids enjoy frolicking on the grass in their swimsuits.

Paint and Shower

You’ll need some finger paints and sponges for this game. Cut the sponges into small shapes so they will be easier for little fingers to handle. Put the kids in swimsuits and allow them to create designs on their skin. Once they are finished, send them into the shower to rinse off!