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Fun Summer Ideas for Kids: Reading

Fun Summer Ideas for Kids- Reading

As kids look forward to the last day of school, teachers remind their students to read at least 25 books over the summer. While this certainly seems like a daunting challenge, there are ways reading can be included in summertime fun.

Kids spend more hours at school than working adults spend at work, so it’s fair to say they have earned a break during the summer.  Allow your children to spend the first week of vacation relaxing. The following weeks however, should include trips to the library where kids can choose books that interest them. All year long they are being told what to read; giving them the opportunity to choose books they like will peak their interest and make reading more enjoyable.

Children are under a great deal of pressure during the school year. Summer should be a time of fun, but that doesn’t mean the learning needs to stop. If your kids already love to read, the trips to the library will be exciting for them. If they are hesitant, allow them to browse around. If they don’t choose any books the first time around, try again the following week. They may come upon a book or books which grab their attention. Once they find a genre they like they will look forward to weekly library trips.

Exciting summer activities can include reading whether it’s taking a book to the beach or reading aloud at home.  It’s important to allow your child to read at their own pace; teachers may suggest reading 25 books over the summer,  but let your child read at his or her own pace to ensure reading becomes an activity they look forward to.