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Sure-Fire Ways to Get Your Teen to Read Every Day

With advances in technology, reading is becoming a lost art. More and more kids are finding other activities to engage in. what can you do to get your teen to read every day?

Reading is truly fundamental. Reading texts and instructions requires more than a rudimentary understanding of the English language. Even kids that don’t attend college need to have skills and vocabulary that can be learned by constant reading. So, how can you make sure they read? Here are a few tips.

Set a good example – When parents have books around and read on a regular basis, kids see it as a worthwhile activity. Even if you read magazines, practice what you preach to gain their interest.

Offer a variety of materials that they like – Reading the classics is a great ambition but many teens are not interested in them – at least not yet. Ask them what type of information they would love to read and get it for them. It can be magazines, graphic novels or teen romance novels. Suspend your judgment of the subject matter in favor of getting them to read. You may have to use your common sense if you think the material is offensive or pornographic.

Use technology – Kids like to carry as few things as possible. But, if they have an iPod or a Smartphone, then you are in luck. Audio books can be downloaded to an iPod for listening to their books on the go. Offer to get them an eBook reader. Now, they can carry all of their books along with them in one place. A Kindle or a Nook also offer applications for Smartphones so they can read books or magazines whenever they want.

Get them to volunteer with reading literacy – Teaching younger children to enjoy reading can stimulate their love of the pastime. Reading out loud is a great way to share the experience.

Choose a specific time – Most teens use their peak hours to hang out with friends or do other activities. Decide on a time when they don’t have anything going on. It can be deemed “family time” and everyone can spend time reading.

Let your teen read to you – Sharing their interests lets them know that you care. Allowing them to read a comic, a passage from their favorite book or a newspaper or magazine article beefs up their reading skills and can foster great discussions.

Take them to the books – Don’t have an eBook reader? Take your kid to the library. Libraries are well stocked with the latest titles, audio books and magazines. Make it easy for them to read by providing transportation.

All kids don’t have the same love of reading. Increase their time spent with the written word with the tips above.

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