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Homework 101

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One of the single biggest sources of conflict between an ADHD kid, parent, and teacher is homework.  Forgotten assignments, frustration, short attention span, lack of organization, tantrums, crying, oppositional behavior – sound familiar?  It might be tempting to throw up your hands and give in but that approach won’t benefit your child.

There are easy things that you can do to help with focus and to cut down on frustration as long as you’re willing to be consistent.  This requires close communication with your child’s teacher and making sure that your child is involved in the process, which will help with his understanding and direction.
At school, the following will need to be implemented in order for the home experience to be successful:
  1. Keep track of assignments.  Many teachers now post daily assignments online so that both parents and children have the convenience of double checking what’s due from home .  If your child’s teacher doesn’t post homework assignments online, ask the teacher what system he uses to make sure that his students have their assignments written down.
  2. Make sure that there is an organized work area in your home where your child completes his assignments each day.  It should be the same  location and if possible used for no other purpose.
  3. Structure your child’s time. Set a designated time for homework and schedule breaks at regular intervals.
  4. Music is a wonderful tool to use during homework time.  Research has proven that it boosts brain power and stimulates the areas of the brain used when your child is reading, doing math problems, and experiencing emotions.  It’s calming and helps with focus.  It’s no coincidence that you listen to piped-in music while at the dentist or at the doctor’s office – it’s soothing and reduces anxiety.

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Give these tactics a try and help to change your child’s homework woes into an enjoyable and stress-reducing experience. Remember, a happy and productive home equals a successful child.
Some suggestions for music for studying time: