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Outdoor Games for Labor Day Weekend


Planning a party for the end of summer? Celebrate America’s labor movement with these outdoor games.

Keep balloons afloat by using only your hands and feet. Blow up enough balloons for everyone. Designate an area where everyone can move about without bumping into each other. If a balloon touches the ground, that person is out. The winner is the one who keeps their balloon in the air the longest.

Try outdoor bowling! If you don’t have actual bowling pins, use plastic bottles of the same size partially filled with sand or dirt. Use a kick ball or basketball rather than a bowling ball. Place rope to delineate the lane and gutters; follows the same rules as regular bowling.

Classic Outdoor Games
If your family often has outdoor parties or gatherings during the summer, invest in an outdoor game set. These often include horse shoes, badminton, and croquet. Having these game sets on-hand means that you’ll be ready for impromptu parties.

Piñatas are great for outdoor parties. Kids love the waterfall of candy and toys when the piñata finally bursts open, and it’s fun for them to crack away at the swinging paper mache object. The traditional mode of busting the piñata open is whacking it with a wooden stick while blind-folded, but you can also use a bat or a golf club.

Water Balloon Relay
Because it will still be hot by the time Labor Day arrives, cool off with a water game. Divide your guests into two or more teams (depending upon how many people there are). Toss water balloons down the line and back – the first team to move the most water balloons in five minutes wins. Have towels ready!

Obstacle Course
Create an obstacle course in your yard. Lay out the course with the ages and physical abilities of your guests in mind. (It’s a good idea to demonstrate how the course works for your guests first.)

Scavenger Hunt
Plan a scavenger hunt! Make a list of things to find in your yard and around your neighborhood. Instead of gathering the items on the list or finding physical clues, have participants take photos of the objects with their cell phones.

Give special prizes out to the winners in addition to having prizes for everyone who participates.

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