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Summer Camp Guide for Parents

Summer Camp experience can be a wonderful opportunity for children and teens to grow and develop.  While at camp they learn to be more independent and develop self-confidence.  It is a chance to improve social skills, learn about nature, improve sports skills, learn cooperation and responsibility while having fun and engaging in active outdoor activities. […]

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Suggestions for Making Picnics More Fun

Summertime is for picnics in the park or on the beach. The Picnic Time Solano Insulated Cooler Picnic Tote contains everything you need for a picnic for up to four people. There are four 9" white plastic plates, four stainless steel forks, knives and spoons, four plastic 10oz glasses, four 100% cotton green/brown/white napkins. Also […]

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Taking Your Teenager on Vacation

As we raise our children, we face differenct obstacles as they go through different developmental, shall we say, "challenges." At no time are these challenges more obvious to the world than when we take our family and its unique "baggage," pun intended, on full display during the family vacation. I remember that, when my children […]

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